Sportsman, a splash of adventure

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Whether it's a morning on the river, a day in the office, or a night on the town, a true sportsman is always on the hunt.  Sportsman cologne is designed to complement those gentlemen who seize the adventure of the great outdoors.  
A rugged scent with notes of leather, musk, flint stone, red clay, and pine.
Sportsman, a splash of adventure. 

Product Size: 3.4 Fl Ounces / 100 ML

Package includes cologne, cotton travel sack, and wooden storage box.
Ingredients: Water, Fragrance, Alcohol.
Due to the nature of cosmetics, all sales are final.

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9 Reviews

Laura T Jan 6th 2020


In my review I meant to say Bluegrass instead of Bootleg-please excuse.

Laura T. Jan 6th 2020

Love Sportsman

I ordered this cologne based on the description and my past experiences with East/West’s Bootleg and Moonshine Colognes. Lovely scent-light with depth. My husband is thrilled and so am I since I’m the one that snuggles up to him.

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