Speakeasy, a lady's perfume

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An intoxicating aroma with notes of pink peppercorn, white moss, sapphire gin, patchouli, and savory nutmeg.

Sexy. Seductive. Strong.

Speakeasy, a lady's perfume oozes with sophistication, while discreetly highlighting the classic and amorous undertones of the modern lady.

Repeal your prohibitions.


Product Size: 3.21 Fl Ounces / 95 ML

Package includes perfume, pump atomizer, transit cap, and wooden storage box.
IMPORTANT - transit cap should be used to prevent leakage.
Ingredients: Water, Fragrance, Alcohol.
Due to the nature of cosmetics, all sales are final.

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9 Reviews

Ulf Bengtsson May 14th 2019

Magnificent scent

This is the 5 bottle or so that I've ordered, and it's a perfect gift to any female. And for me living in Sweden is a bit extra special because you can't find this in the shops here. The design of the bottle and package is just perfect not to mention the scent, everyone loves it.
Guys, if you’re looking for something special to your loved ones, buy this and you won’t regret it
Neither will she 

Kathie Apr 30th 2019

Signature Scent

I'm already on my second bottle after less than a year of owning the first. It is everything that I have wanted to smell like. This is a unisex fragrance, but it does veer toward the feminine — especially compared to Moonshine. There's no hint of florals or citrus, which I really like, and it is sharp and clean, with a woodsy greenness that reminds me of fresh mountain air. I am a bit of a fragrance collector, but even despite my options, I've chosen Speakeasy time and time again. The composition may be simple, but it smells unique. It's a HUGE compliment getter and an all seasons sort of fragrance. Absolutely perfect.

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