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Inspired by American bootleggers who ran their stills under the light of the moon, the MOONSHINE candle is the still light for the modern gentleman. Hand crafted to produce a soothing yet masculine musk, the MOONSHINE candle elicits the spirit of those classic men in the form of this perfume quality, soy blend, American made candle.

With notes of black pepper, leather, tobacco, gin, and patchouli, the MOONSHINE candle sets an assertive, yet comforting environment for the home or office.

Encased in a copper coated hammered tumbler, the MOONSHINE candle handsomely complements any decor or design.


12 oz. / 340 g Soy Blend Candle

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2 Reviews

Ulf Bengtsson May 16th 2019

Moonshine Candle

Just buy this candle, it's so beautiful in a coppercan and the scent is just like the cologne. A perfect combo, so this is the first candle I've bought but not the last.

DJ Nov 8th 2017

Gentleman only - perfect for the home or office

I'm a BIG fan of the MOONSHNE cologne - so buying this candle was a no brainer. Love the copper packaging - I've bought two candles thus far, and I just threw the used tumbler into the dishwasher and used it for Moscow Mules! Super cool - and this candle lasts literally months in my office, and that's when I'm burning it 6 - 8 hours a day!

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