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All natural soap with sea salt.  A refreshing woodsy note awakens your senses, while the classic scents of MOONSHINE, a gentleman's cologne burn down after use.  All soaps are handmade, hand-cut, and are comprised of 100% all natural ingredients.


(4.5oz)  All Natural Soap with Sea Salt. Due to the nature of cosmetics, all sales are final.

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2 Reviews

Lacey Dec 9th 2019

Not a lot of scent

Great soap, leaves a great clean feeling. Not a lot of scent though. Almost waxy smelling while in suds, but washes away to pretty much nothing.

Bill Roberts Nov 28th 2019

I like it

Cool bar of soap. Just enough grit in the bar to scrub but not too much where it feels like sandpaper. Smells great, kinda like woodsy and pine or something.

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